Are you Planning to have a pool? What Are the things you need to know? 

Pool Design  

There are a lot of swimming pools to choose from. From types , shapes, color, sizes, and finishes there are a lot to consider, does it fit the design of your property?, does it match with your surroundings?,  there is a lot of questions and things to prepare in having a pool. Hiring a professional will help you with any kinds of swimming pool that you choose from. Landscaper in Windsor helps you in building the swimming pool of your dreams at an affordable price. We only make sure to use high quality materials. Building a pool is a big decision will always follow safety guidelines in building one. We also need to make sure to evaluate what is best and provide a plan for you to choose from. We can even follow the swimming pools of your dreams. 


Different Types of Pool  

  • Concrete – this type of pool is the most commonly used and the most popular one. It can be shaped into anything you want. Concrete even though it is expensive it is the most strongest and durable type of pool that will last for years. 
  • Fiber glass – this type of pool are factory molded and the most affordable one installation of this pool is quicker compare to other types of pool. 
  • Vinyl – this type of pool is made from one piece flexible liner, and attached to an aluminum framed wall. 
  • Above ground pools – a very affordable type of pool and a range of styles and sizes to choose from 
  • Architectural – geometric, structural and have different lines 
  • Indoor, Infinite, Kiddies, Olympic and a lot more. 

Property Maintenance 

We work hard for our properties those are bought in hard earned money it is always important to take care of the things that we have since these are considered valuable and it is always important to maintain it. Do cleaning and repairs regularly because some minor problems might lead to a much bigger problems it might be dangerous to you and your family. Fixing a problem no matter how small it is already save you money since you are preventing it from having bigger repairs we always need to make sure to maintain our property.  

Seasonal Clean Ups 

  • Removal of weeds 
  • Removal of Debris 
  • Trimming of tree branches and shrubs 

What are the Benefits of a Seasonal Clean ups? Seasonal clean ups are necessary because it protects your plants and trees.  Helping it to grow healthy by removing weeds and decayed plants that might affect growth. Not only that it will benefit your plans maintaining a clean and healthy surrounding is what matters.